Back to earth 

So, another weeks holiday gone by in a flash! It’s been relaxing and always a pleasure to spend time with my family outside of the usual environment. 

I managed to make a start on teaching my sister in law to crochet. She picked it up quite quickly, especially since I am left handed and she is right handed. I bought her a book of patterns for her to try so I hope she will carry on. 

I always have a few difficult days when coming back from a week away. I think it’s the contrast between the open space and freedom I’ve had compared to the noise and speed of the city. I guess I’m a country lad at heart, living in the city out of necessity. 

I’ve been inspired to try to simplify my life even further while I’ve been away. At the moment that looks like I might have to move house to achieve that, for various reasons I won’t go into. Whilst that would cause short term complication, it would probably be best in the long term. 

I was reminded last night that I need a yarn swift. I’ve ended up in a terrible tangle while trying to make a ball out of a skein, which will now take me a few days to sort out. So, off to Amazon I go!

Heading to fibrehut this weekend to look at spinning wheels and other paraphernalia. I really think I want a spinning wheel, but I’ll need to justify the investment to the keeper of the purse… Wish me luck! 

More soon 




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